Hi there! My name is Andreina, I’m a 25 year old Venezuelan-born, Los Angeles based Fitness/Lifestyle Blogger. I have an intense passion for traveling, I LOVE working out & spending time with mis amores Papi and Guille. I'm always looking to go new places and find cool hangout spots (i.e gyms, restaurants, spas & bars lol) in my current city (L.A) where I live with my boyfriend (Guillermo) and our Dog (Papi) in Venice Beach.

I decided to create a blog where we can document cool activities we like, our travel experiences, share some city guides, and our everyday moments in hopes of stimulating others to venture out and explore and hopefully form a community where we can ALL collect moments and inspire one another!

Join us as we explore and most importantly COLLECT MOMENTS in our everyday lives!



Guille is my handsome and awesome boyfriend that has decided to join me in this adventure of blogging by being my personal photographer (or as he calls himself #instagramboyfriend). He also helps me out with the website and any other important errands, such as taking me fun places so that I may blog about them. Love ya babe!

Guille is also Venezuelan, has a passion for surfing, traveling and most importantly, training our son, Papi.



Isa is my beautiful, smart, funny 19-year-old sister and the CHIEF EDITOR of this blog! She is a sophomore at GSU and is currently majoring in Journalism. She’s one of my favorite people in the whole world and besides being a full-time student with a full ride Goizueta scholarship (yes, I’m bragging! I’m a proud sista!), living her life, working part-time, and being an AMAZING hoop girl (check out her IG!) she EDITS every single one of our posts!!!! CHEERS TO THAT!

Isa is a proud activist, hoop-girl, is obsessed with the Grateful Dead, Music and Arts festivals, and loves our family.



Papi is our 6 year old Sharpei-mix dog. He is THE MOST handsome dog that has everrrrr existed! Sorry #dogmoms out there! It’s true. Lol

We adopted him when he was a puppy and it has been a wonderful and challenging experience raising him. He had some socialization issues and was scared of humans and other dogs, and because of his size, this was kind of a problem. HOWEVERRRR, this is all in the PAST!

We enrolled him in all types of classes at the Dog Psychology Center (socialization, mastering the walk, agility) and he has come a long way! He is a happy and sociable pup now, and we couldn’t be happier! Also, being a part of his complete change has made us realize how much we love other dogs and helping dogs overcome fears, so if you ever want to read about some of our experiences and tips about dogs, Papi has posts dedicated to all things DOGS under the LIFESTYLE tab.