ATL: Neely & Chloe Pop-Up Shop

ATL: Neely & Chloe Pop-Up Shop

Luxurious yet affordable fashion staples

Hi everyone!

Since my previous post for the blog was about thrifting in Europe, I decided to stick with my theme of fashion and attend a really cool event in Atlanta that my cousin Pachi told me about: Neely & Chloe’s Pop-Up Shop!

In case you haven’t heard, the sisters first launched their line of shoes and accessories last fall out of their WeWork space (have to shout out WeWork!). Since then, they’ve received praise from Refinery29, Vogue, and Glamour and have earned their spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Although they’re essentially fashion royalty (nieces of Tory Burch), it is clear that Neely & Chloe are no strangers to hard work and dedication. After making their way through college and working on their respective careers, the pair came together to fill what they saw as a gap in the market: luxurious yet affordable pieces.  

They’ve decided to bypass the retail route and bring their products straight to their customers instead- and in the spirit of summer roadtrips, the sisters are now driving their brand across the country in an adorably revamped vintage Airstream trailer! A fan of roadtrips (more to come on that soon), trailers AND classic handbags, I couldn’t resist dropping by to check out the pop-up shop in Atlanta at Westside Provisions.

Overall, I was super impressed by how hands-on Neely and Chloe are, and I’m not just talking about how they design the canvas bags and leather wallets (although I loved these as well!). Despite the hot and sticky weather, Chloe was on-site over the weekend to unload the truck, set up the trailer, chat with customers and answer questions. She was super friendly and helpful and definitely showed just how passionate the duo is about their work.

All of the pieces are elegant and timeless; it’s a style that transcends generational trends. Instead of being marked up by a brand name, I love that the totes, purses and clutches feature simple yet delicate designs with bold colors and optional embellishments.

Most of all, what I really like about Neely & Chloe’s brand is that it rejects fast fashion and instead goes back to the root of what a good purse or backpack should be- durable, functional and effortlessly chic. As they told Vogue, “Everything we made is meant to be fixed. It should last you forever.”

But unlike the Hermès Birkin bag of your dreams, Neely & Chloe’s collection falls way under $1,000- for the same high quality. In fact, all of the pieces are under $300 (and some are as low as $58). My favorites are the No.27 Saddle Bag Suede in Slate Blue and the No.14 Bucket Bag Pebble in Kelly Green. Although these may still be a tad out of my price range for now (#collegestudentlife), they’re actually attainable and worth saving up for. Check out the collection online, or better yet, see them in person when they come to a city near you! (P.S - for all the Los Angeles peeps - they'll be in Century City this August!)