Boxing to the beat

BoxUnion Review

The Studio 5/5

The Workout 5/5


If you live in any major city (N.Y., L.A., London, Paris, Madrid, etc.) or follow any fitness-oriented person that lives in any of these cities, you have probably noticed an increase in the number of people adding boxing into their fitness lifestyle. All types of boxing gyms and boxing workouts are becoming more and more prevalent, and for a good reason: it’s an incredible fun and effective workout.

Recently, we had our very own boutique boxing studio join the L.A. fitness community in Santa Monica, CA - Box Union. Now if you follow ME on social media, you have probably noticed that I’ve visited this studio quite often (1-2 X week), so I thought it’s only fair I start my official project of reviewing the fitness studios I visit in Los Angeles (and throughout my travels) with my favorite go-to gym, Box Union.

The Studio

I have to say this studio is one of the main reasons I decided to finally give boxing a try. Why do I say this? I’ve always been curious to try boxing and see what all the hype is about, but I wasn’t very inclined to go to the “typical” boxing gym where the aesthetics are very basic, filled with boxing rings and bunch of people that honestly seem very rough and intimidating for a boxing newbie like myself. Box Union, on the other hand, took everything I like about boutique fitness studios (such as Soulcycle). They combined a very modern, aesthetically pleasing environment with boxing! The studio is filled with natural light, modern accent finishes, great check-in stations, plenty of locker space to store away your belongings & my favorite part: amazing showers with Malin + Goetz products (and every other necessity for leaving the studio even better than you arrived!) The staff is amazing, always happily greeting customers as they walk in, helping everybody get setup and answering any questions or concerns.

The Workout

Killer workout; that’s what Box Union is all about. But really, Box Union, as they like to say, is more of a “Boxing Reinvented” type of workout. Their signature classes are 45 mins long and focus on getting a full-body workout out of each class. Class starts with a shadow boxing part and getting warmed up to the moves, then you get to PUNCH. IT. OUT to the beat with heavy bag drills! Yes, my favorite part of this workout is that is very similar to a Soulcycle class (or any music oriented workout) where you get to work along with the music and use it as a link between you, the workout and your mind. It’s incredible! Signature classes also involve switching things up and adding some plyometrics in between punches and finishing with a killer core workout.

If this all sounds like too much or you’re new to boxing- it’s not, it’s rad! But they do offer Box U, which is a class focused on breaking down the basics while still enjoying the benefits of a full 45 min workout! A-N-D watch out for themed classes! Thursday nights get lit with Kyle’s signature hip-hop class.

The Trainers

Another great aspect of this studio is the trainers/coaches. Box Union has incredibly talented and accredited instructors ready to help you achieve your fitness goals, boxing dreams, and workout fantasies (lol) all while having fun. Another cool fact? They recruited an equal the number of male and female coaches! YASSS! I noticed. I love it. Each coach has their own style of music, teaching and even focus ( i.e - Maya sure likes working on that core - while picture yourself squatting it out with Aaron) They’re all truly different and fun and always ready to motivate you.

So, as you can see, I love this studio and plan on continuing to go as often as possible. I highly recommend adding it to your list of workouts you need to try in Los Angeles, because it’s worth it. They offer great starter packages for new customers, sell quick-wraps and also offer glove rentals, so basically you just need to focus on showing up.

Xoxo - Andreina