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Cycling away baguettes in Paris

Cycling away baguettes in Paris

Dynamo Cycling Review

The Studio 5/5

The Workout 4/5


As you have probably noticed with my endless amounts of posts from Paris (I’m really squeezing everything I can from that trip! Lol) I had a marvelous time with my sister and truly enjoyed myself... A-N-D one of my favorite things was being able to continue with my active lifestyle by challenging myself each day - thus, I tried a cool boutique fitness studio: Dynamo.

Dynamo has two locations in Paris and I visited the one conveniently located just a few minutes away from the Champs-Elysees, Studio Boetie. Dynamo is a cycling studio that has vibes very similar to the popular American cycling studio SoulCycle (Okay, who are we kidding? It’s the exact same concept - only they made it more Parisian, in a way, if that’s possible.) So, being the HUGE Soulcycle fan that I am, I decided to give Dynamo a shot and see if it lived up to its American competitor - and I have to say - it did okay. Well done, Dynamo! I was  hooked and will be back for a sweat session whenever I’m in Paris.

The Studio

To be honest, the studio was one of my favorite parts of the experience. I found that they improved some of the things most SoulCycle locations I’ve visited lack. For starters, it has a very open and large front desk area where you can check-in (and receive a complimentary water if it’s your first time at the studio), do some shopping and wait for your class to be let in into the studio. In addition, the staff was very friendly, they all spoke English, and I liked the very calm and welcoming atmosphere (they had an essential oil diffuser spreading some good vibes for sure!) Lastly, they made the locker room/shower area situation so much better! They had such a vast area to change, do your makeup and shower, which was incredible because it allowed me to quickly get in and out and continue with my day of exploring. (Also, I took a class at noon, and most of the girls showered and changed back to very trendy and non-active wear attires.)

*P.S - as I mentioned on my post about working out while on vacation, make sure to keep your eyes open for deals! My class was complimentary as they offer a free class for first-time customers + they also offer an amazing deal of only 45 Euros for three classes!

The Workout

It was fun! I felt that this was a great workout and there were only two things setting me back: wanting to compare it to Soulcycle and that it was taught in French. Overall, it was a dynamic workout and I got my sweat on. However, If I compare it to Soul, I found it to be a tad easier. Now this might obviously be by the fact that I might have missed some of the cues in French, but I also felt a different vibe from most cycling classes I’ve been to in the U.S. - People were  focusing on enjoying themselves more and it was less intense and hardcore as it is in the U.S. (This can be good or bad depending on personal preference for workouts!)

The Trainers

Clotilde was the instructor for the day and I LOVED her style of teaching. First off, she’s goals when it comes her style and the great shape she’s in. Second, that girl was basically rapping and dancing and encouraging everyone in a very unique way. She def has her own style and character down and I have to say I digged it! Also, if you check the roster, there’s a great variety of styles and backgrounds; from ballet dancers to personal trainers and gymnasts, you honestly can’t go wrong.

Well, there you have it. If you’re in Paris, going to Paris soon or simply want to know of fun ways to balance out the European indulgences, try booking a class at Dynamo!

Xoxo - Andreina