Don’t Ditch Valentine’s Day, Make these plans instead!

Valentine’s Day Ideas

As we all know, in just one week Valentine's Day will be upon us. As I mentioned in my 14-day Love and Wellness Challenge, this day (and this whole month, really) is one where I've been taking an approach of self-love and acceptance and it's been going marvelous. However, I do know that regardless of all of our intentions, when February 14th comes along, I'll probably want to do something different/special with my loved one.

Now, I don't really like the whole idea of having to buy an expensive gift or going to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s (they tend to be overpriced, crowded, and everything seems rushed and kind of fake) but I do know from past experiences that when I choose to just overlook this day, by the end of the day when I see ALL the posts on social media of everything people have been doing, I can't help but regret the fact that I should've embraced the day as an excuse to do something different and get out of my typical routine. Hence, this post. Lol

I listed a couple of ideas for different or simple plans/ways to enjoy February 14th with friends or your significant other without giving into the whole Americanized spend spend spend way of celebrating.


1. Embrace the flower power:

Don’t fight this holiday and its traditions, embrace all things flowers and make an evening out of it! What do I mean by this? Make flower/plants arrangements at home for your home. Yes, instead of having it be a day where you/or your loved one buys perfectly overpriced bouquets... gather with some friends, buy some wine and make all those plant DIYs you’ve pinned. You can find some ideas here from one of my fav bloggers, A Pair & A Spare.

DIY Floral Vase project from   A Pair & A Spare

DIY Floral Vase project from A Pair & A Spare

2. Cook something mouthwatering:

Now, obviously it's always a great idea to cook something out of the ordinary for a special day, so look for delicious recipes or try something new such as a tasty, organic and healthy meal delivery company like Sun Basket. (I was gifted a couple of meals from them, and each one I received was even better than the last one! They’re just plain AMAZING!)

3. Print photos and make albums/scrapbooks:

In this digital age, it's easy to have all of our photos uploaded to online platforms, but going back to the basics and having a physical album to look at can be such a beautiful reminder of all your memories collected. Since it's only the second month of this new year, how about creating a physical album of all your top moments collected in 2016 + add some drinks and take out to that plan and you got yourself a great date night.


4. Indulge in a massage:

Yes, this is so cliche, but necessary. Who doesn't need some me time to bring some relaxation into our lives!? Try scheduling an appointment for a massage at a cool place and sit back, relax and let someone else take care of ya!  If you live in L.A., The now massage is a very trendy and inexpensive place to look into.

The now Massage L.A.

The now Massage L.A.

5. Go to a workout class together:

Ever wanted to try a boxing class, spinning or yoga!? Invite that special someone (or friend!) to join you! Besides sweating and trying something new, your body will release chemicals called endorphins, which will trigger a positive feeling in your body which = you’ll be in a fantastic mood to go out and bond even more with that person and eat all those burned calories  back up! Lol

6. Bob Ross Painting party/date!

Now, my sister let me in on this secret (or maybe I just didn’t know about this! lol) but it’s a pretty easy to follow this instructional painting show from the 80’s that is now streaming on Netflix. Basically, you buy your own supplies and just follow along whatever Bob says! Happy little mountains and clouds for days.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross

Well y’all, let me know if you try any of these date/hangout ideas OR if you have any other suggestions!! Make sure to share, if you liked the post!

Xoxo - Andreina