Healthier Drinks Recipes for New Year’s

healthier drinks recipes for new year's

I won’t lie, I’ve been having my share of indulgences this festive season combined with a lot of fun times! However, not all of my indulgences have been over the top. I’ve made sure to make reasonable choices when it comes to what I decided to put into my body; because lets be real, it is all about #balance in life (plus we’ve worked so hard all year to stay fit and healthy → Yasss, I’m thinking #BBG! And we should keep that mentality going even when it comes to getting tipsy) lol

So with that in mind (and New Year’s a few days away!) I’ve decided to share my simple and healthier versions of yummy cocktails and drinks I’ve had these past few days and I will most certainly be drinking on New Year

  1. red wine sangria 

    • Some sangria recipes add sugar and syrups to make it taste good, but in my healthier version I rely on juicy fruits to get that delicious and healthy tasty cocktail.

      • Bottle of Red Wine (I like Menage a Trois, but any fruity red wine will work)

      • About 1-1.5 cups of Sprite Zero

      • Lime Juice

      • 2 sliced oranges

      • 1 sliced lemon

      • Dash of cinnamon

  2. crystal light mimosas

    • This one is really a no-brainer. Just swap the regular juice of preference for a lighter version such as Crystal Light and you got yourself a healthier mimosa! For a classic take on a mimosa try mixing:

      • 4 oz of Champagne

      • 2 oz of Orange Crystal Light

      • 1 Squeezed orange

        *You can swap any Crystal Light flavor and add a touch of the natural fruit and make delicious, refreshing and different tasting mimosas!

  3. venezuela libre

    • My take on a Rum and Coke. (Basically I use Venezuelan rum because it’s delicious and I’m Venezuelan - but any dark rum will do!)

      • ½ cup of Coke Zero

      • ¼ cup of dark rum

      • ¼ cup of squeezed lime juice

  4. spiked arnold palmer

    • For this drink, I again suggest using Crystal Light.

      • 4 oz of Mix Crystal Light Lemon Ice Tea

      • 2 oz Vodka  

      • Freshly squeezed lime juice

      • Mint as a garnish when serving

  5. paloma

    • This is one of my favorite drinks and depending on who makes it can have a TON of sugar! For a healthier version try:

      • ¼ of Mezcal or Tequila

      • ¼ of fresh grapefruit juice

      • ½ cup of flavored grapefruit sparkling water (I like Perrier’s Pink Grapefruit flavor)

      • Some freshly squeezed lime juice

So there you have it, 5 drinks recipes to try on New Years without breaking the calorie bank! Lol

Let me know if you try any of them, and if you find new and cool alternatives to my recipes!