Healthy Eats: Top healthy spots to try in Santa Monica

My Favorite Healthy Spots in Downtown Santa Monica

As you probably have noticed on my IG stories, I LOVE EATING! Lol ...I’m constantly thinking of food -- what I’m going to eat next, what Guille is going to cook (my bf is the one that does most of the cooking at home, hehe) and which new restaurants to try! However, a huge part of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is finding delicious, but healthy and nourishing food near me. Throughout this past year, I have tried many places (and even though some may have great reviews and may be popular, they weren’t particularly for me)

So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite eats places in Downtown Santa Monica so that you guys can try them too! (P.S - the majority are budget friendly. Yay!)

My top go-to healthy eats spots in Santa Monica:

  1. Sweetgreen - YAS! SG is def my jam! Whenever I don’t feel like cooking, I’m running low on time or I want to eat out, I head on over to Sweetgreen. If you haven’t been, they basically sell a variety of DELICIOUS and incredibly filling gourmet healthy salads at incredibly reasonable prices. They’re originally from the East Coast and have slowly been popping up all over L.A. You can either order a salad off the menu or create your own. My favorite is the Kale Caesar! (P.S - My closest location is the one in Santa Monica, but check to see if there are any near you)

  2. Mainland Poke - Poke Poke Poke, oh how I love you poke! Another very popular concept popping up all over the place are poke shops. Now, if you’ve never had a poke bowl, the concept is originally from Hawaii and consists of a bowl of raw fish over rice or whatever you choose as your base. Mainland Poke is one of my favorite places to get poke bowls as I LOVE all of the options they offer for bases, toppings and combinations! I also think that their prices are very reasonable with the amount of food (and fish!) you get + you can create delicious and healthy combinations. My favorite bowl is their signature Three Way bowl. Also, the location is Santa Monica has such a friendly and helpful staff! So don’t be shy and ask any questions you may have or their advice on what to get! :)

  3. Flower Child - I recently tried this place for the first time and fell in love. It offers tons of vegetarian options, the place is beautiful and the food is so wholesome and yummy. They offer a variety of bowls, salads, wraps and to-go items to choose from + have an array of refreshing lemonades and teas. I tried their hummus, pita bread and strawberry salad with goat cheese and all were fantastic! Can’t wait to go back and try some more  deliciousness.

  4. True Food Kitchen - I love this restaurant! It’s the perfect solution to find healthier options for classics like pizzas, pastas and burgers + it’s great to take those friends and family members that are not so much into the “eating healthy” lifestyle as all the food is sooo good they’ll surely find something tasty. My favorite items are their seasonal pizza, the chicken salad and the turkey wrap. (P.S - something very cool is that they offer half portions for almost all their meals, so in case you can’t decide on a specific item or you don’t eat a lot--their portions are big-- ordering half portions is the way to go!)

  5. Nekter Juice Bar - if you’re looking more for a healthy snack or fresh drink (instead of a full meal) this is your spot! Nekter offers delicious, refreshing juices made right in front of you, smoothies, cleanses and my personal favorite -  acai bowls! Yep, now you know where to replenish and refresh from the summer heat! The space is so nice, peaceful and truly calms you down from all the craziness in Santa Monica during the high touristy season. My personal favorite is the acai superfood bowl and the little beet juice!

BONUS: Sugarfish -  Last but not least, if you’re a big fan of sushi and are willing to splurge a little more on your food, head on over to Sugarfish SM. Now, if you haven’t been to Sugarfish let me break it down for you. You will not find any Americanized version of sushi rolls in here, but quite the contrary- expect nothing more than pure freshness and simplicity. This is the real deal and it’s oh-so-good. Do make note that they do not accept reservations and the wait can be up to two hours or longer -- so plan ahead, write your name down and go shopping, go for a walk or simply pre-game with some drinks someplace else until they call you for your table. MY ADVICE? Get the “Trust Me” menu, it’s a set price and you get to try all the best there is.

Now you know, if you’re ever doing some shopping or spending a day at the beach in Santa Monica, make sure to check out this places to replenish your body in the best way possible.

Xoxo - Andreina