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Kayla Itsines SWEAT TOUR 2016 – L.A.

BBG Bootcamp in Los Angeles

On June 26th, I attended Kayla Itsines’ Sweat Tour in L.A., and it felt out of this world! I was able to score a ticket (they were free and sold out pretty quickly) a few weeks before the event and impatiently waited for the day to come. The whole experience exceeded my expectations; IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!

The boot camp was held at The Rose Bowl stadium, and I went with a friend. I had NEVER attended any type of workout event, any BBG meet ups, or anything that I could compare it with, so once we got there, it was when the whole experience started to feel unreal!

There was a long but quick line to go into the stadium, and it was the first time I had seen SO MANY fellow BBG women in one space ready to sweat and excited to workout.

Inside the stadium there was some cool music playing, and everybody set up their mats, took photos, and waited for the event to start. Then, both Tobi Pearce and Kayla gave some pretty touching speeches about the wonderful BBG community, how it all started, and how it has become such a positive environment filled with women not working out, but embracing a new lifestyle.

The boot camp was HARD, CHALLENGING, and the BEST WORKOUT EVER!!! Being surrounded by ALL these powerful women pushing harder and harder, encouraging one another, and giving it their ALL was so motivating! It was the hardest I had pushed myself during a BBG routine, and I felt very accomplished! It absolutely set the standard for how I should feel at the end of each of the BBG routines, and I LOVED IT!

Kayla later stayed and took photos with every girl that waited in line. I didn’t have the time to stay, BUT I got to meet my ultimate BBG muse, the person whose social media introduced me to BBG and Kayla Itsines, the reason I decided to give the BBG program a shot: Kelsey from My Sweat Life! I have to say, meeting her was surreal. She is so humble, inspiring, and beautiful. She is a true role model and was an absolute sweetheart when we met. So if you don’t read her blog or follow her on IG, do so NOW!!

Later babes!