Top Travel Bloggers to follow on Instagram

My favorite Travel Bloggers on IG right now!



It’s a new year, and 99% of social media right now is talking about how to make this your most positive and productive year yet, right? (Yep, guilty as charged)

So to get you in the mood for a great year ahead, filled with ALL the wanderlust and travel vibes possible, I’m sharing with you my ultimate favorite Travel Bloggers.

They are the reason I decided to open up this blog, after obsessing with every single one of their photos and posts, and still inspire me today. If you’re are not following them on social media (or reading their blog posts!) you’re missing out! (P.S - they are all #girlbosses!)

Top Travel Bloggers to follow right now:

  1. Polkadot Passport - Nicola Easterby is one of my favorites on social media! She has managed to become a full time travel blogger at such a young age, her posts are real and fresh and she truly inspires and motivates me to pursue my dream of blogging! (+ love her natural look and stylish outfits!)

  2. Tuula Vintage - Jessica Stein is one of the OG bloggers out there (next to Chiara, Aimee and Leandra!) and besides being a top traveller has an incredible sense of style! I’m never sure if I should look at the location of her photos or what’s she is wearing! Everything is pure beauty!

  3. World of Wanderlust - Brooke Saward is another to take astonishing travel photography, has incredible style AND most importantly one of my favorite BLOGS. She posts often, her content is rich and informative! (+ she just published her first book! -- SO RAD!)

  4. Collage Vintage - Sara is predominantly a fashion blogger, but I think she is practically always on the road (making her a travel blogger in my eyes. lol) Her blog is focused on fashion, looks and street style, but I LOVE looking at it for outfits travel inspiration

  5. The Blonde Abroad - Another incredibly successful travel blogger, Kiersten Rich, is serious #goals! I love her photos on IG and her instastories show how real and down to earth she is.

  6. Dametraveler - What is lovely about this account/blog is that most photos are re-posts of other travel bloggers (#communityLove.) The blog is incredibly informative and useful and serious photography skills all-around.

Let me know if you already follow them, like their blog posts, would like to see any certain types of similar posts here on Collecting Moments AND any other bloggers that inspire you to want to become a full time globetrotter!

Xoxo- Andreina