Two Quick (GYM) HIIT routines that work!

Quick and Easy Gym workouts


Hello loves! As many of you know, Kayla Itsine’s BBG routines offer the option of incorporating optional HIIT sessions to your weekly workouts. Now, I have been trying to incorporate at least two HIITs to my weekly routines, but sometimes I just don’t get to them or try a new workout instead (i.e spinning spinning spinning! Lol I’m a newbie and #Obsessed!) However, I did realize that it’s SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL to have a couple of go-to HIIT workouts so when you get some spare time in your day, do them quickly and get them over with.

HIIT workouts are something that are very easy to accomplish because they shouldn’t take much time. Not too long ago, I shared my top 3 go-to HIIT sessions and those are still pretty much the easiest ways for me to do HIIT (at home)lol BUT I have found it useful as well to sometimes just do them right after either a BBG arm workout or an abs day. (Now, I know that Kayla doesn’t recommend doing both on the same day, but for me it works better this way. P.S - my advice is to listen to your body! If I’m tired or my body needs some rest, I skip them, but honestly most times after ARMS or ABS I still have some energy left to burn and I go ahead and tackle my HIITs)

Anyways, the following 2 HIIT routines are the ones that I’ve been doing right after BBG at the gym and have been working wonders for me.


1) Stair Master (25mins):

2min warm-up (Intensity of 5-7)

5min right-side (intensity of 9-13)

5min left-side (intensity of 9-13)

5min double steps (intensity of 9-13)

5min fast (intensity of 9-13)

3min cool down (intensity of 4-6)

***As you can see, I don’t have a defined intensity for each rep, instead depending on how I feel I up or slow down the intensity. So again, just listen to your body!


2) Treadmill (20mins):

5min warm-up

Repeat 10x

30 secs sprints (I usually do these sprints at a speed of 9-12)

1min rest

5min cool-down

***I use the max incline on the treadmill (15) but if this is too difficult start with a 4-8 incline and slowly add more as you build endurance through your HIIT sessions!

Well, there you have it! My two quick HIIT Gym routines! Do you incorporate HIIT to your BBG routines? If so, which exercises do you do? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Xoxo - Andreina