What Does Health Mean To You?

What does Health mean to you?

Finding balance - 5 tips to find balance in your life right now


As I progress through my journey to become a Holistic Health Coach, I’m always asking myself: what does health mean to me, my friends and my community? I believe the definition of health should vary by person, situation, and experiences. What I consider healthy isn’t necessarily healthy for my sister or for my boyfriend. We are all unique and different, and that’s the power of what we’re always taught and reminded of at IIN-- the power and importance of bio-individuality.

Some may agree with the definition of health in the dictionary - being free of illness or injury. For others, it might mean being at their peak fitness and/or nutritional levels, and for others health might mean the way they lead their lives in a day-to-day basis (plus no matter what your current definition of health is, this may very well change in the future.) We are all ever-evolving creatures, and it’s okay to have our perception of health and well-being shift while we grow and change throughout our lives.

So, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I believe is the most important definition of health for me today, and that is balance.

For me, finding balance in everything I do translates into positive health and overall happiness. For example, the last few months have been a period of lots of changes and learning for me - most of which I have not been able to apply completely into my life. I’ve been learning so much about different nutritional methods, practices, and ways to continue to improve my life through IIN- plus I’ve additionally learned much more about exercises and overall fitness health through NASM- that I sometimes feel that I don’t have the time to truly incorporate all of these new fascinating learnings into my current lifestyle. However, I’ve realized that I’m still the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life, and I owe all of that to finding balance.

For me, balance means spending time with my dogs and my boyfriend, traveling, sleeping in, spending a day at the beach or just catching up on a show on Netflix, eating healthy, buying organic, but also drinking a beer and trying all the indulgent restaurants I want. Finding balance in my ever long list of things to do, in between my studying and working two jobs, has helped me achieve my happiest state of health and well-being. So I wanted to share 5 tips to find balance in your life right now:

  1. Listen to your body’s needs and take action - eat intuitively, get adequate sleep, smile, cry, be you.

  2. Organize and declutter - get rid of all that junk you don’t need (even better, donate it!), write a daily to-do list, set goals and intentions, and reassess those goals on a daily basis.

  3. Nourish yourself authentically - a concept I live by now from IIN is bio-individuality and how one person’s food is another person’s poison. Experiment in the kitchen, play with different diets (paleo, vegan, raw, akin’s, Mediterranean, whole30, you name it) and nourish yourself in the way that works best for you.

  4. Develop a physical movement - doesn’t matter if you’re extremely active like me or sit at a desk all day, find ways to move your body such as going on walks, cycling, doing yoga, boxing. Be creative, take risks, and enjoy it. Your body will thank you.

  5. Establish and deepen supporting relationships - In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of leading a balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you eat organic, workout every day and meditate; if you don’t have supporting people in your life, everything will be so much more difficult. Surround yourself with loving people that support you, listen to you, and are there for you (just as much as you do the same for them). It’s much more important to have a deep relationship with one person, than to have superficial (or even toxic) relationships with countless people.

And don’t forget to breathe and be grateful.

In conclusion? Find what works best for you. If you can’t do everything at once, take small steps towards anything you would like to improve, change, or continue in your life. It’s called finding balance. Give yourself one small attainable goal a day - just one. It can be as simple as washing your hair today, or writing down something you’re grateful for that happened in your day, or going out for drinks with friends, but remember to find the balance in everything you do. And you, my friend, will be a-okay.

Xoxo - Andreina