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What Healthy Snacks To Pack When Flying?

Healthy Travel Snack Ideas

Hi y’all! I just landed in Miami (actually, Fort Lauderdale lol) so let’s say Florida and I couldn't be more excited! I flew out here on the red-eye last night to surprise my little brother who’s turning 15 today! YAY!

My family (mom, dad and brother) drove down to Miami for the week to celebrate my little brother’s birthday ...AND I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend a couple of days in the warm, sunny and beautiful Florida + miss out on all the fun celebrations (talk about FOMO) and surprised him instead. (p.s - Isabella, my sister, also flew down from ATL to surprise him today, so it’s a fun little family reunion!)

Anyways, as I was getting ready for my trip and packing everything, I realized something extremely important that actually made me very happy and even proud of myself (#ThankYouBBG, this new lifestyle and Kayla Itsines!!) → I didn’t want to start the trip as I’ve always done in the past (in a state of mind of complete vacation without boundaries) and start indulging in way too many treats and cheat meals with the excuse that I’m on vacation. So instead, I went out and bought some healthy travel snacks to have with me during the flight and throughout my first day here (I’ll probably load up on more snacks tonight or tomorrow!) and I wanted to share them with y’all to show you that this healthy lifestyle is  easy, simple and an attainable one we can ALWAYS follow no matter where we are!

10 Healthy Travel Snacks when Flying:

1. Crackers -

I’m obsessed with both wasa crackers and nut-thins. Wasas are literally great to add toppings to. This morning as a light early breakfast, I had one with peanut butter, and half a banana. Nut- thins are great to munch on too, they come in so many different flavors and they’re a great alternative to potato chips!

2. Nut butters -

Justin’s individual packs are great for traveling and comply with TSA guidelines for liquids. *TSA guidelines state that you can carry 3.4 oz of liquids or gel-like foods (i.e hummus, nut butters, jam, etc)

3. Protein Bar -

Something so simple and great to have with you no matter where you go! I’m still trying to find the balance between a great protein bar that is not too high on fats or carbs and tastes good. But for now, I really like Power Crunch as it tastes like a Kit-Kat and I’m getting 13 grams of protein per bar which isn’t too bad. The downfall is that it’s very high in fat -- so as I said, still looking to find a bar that is more balanced AND still tastes good!


4. Jerky -

In case I need a bit more  protein, any type of jerky satisfies me so much. I don’t eat beef or red meats, but I’m addicted to Turkey Jerky and Salmon Jerky.  

5. Edamame -

They’re low fat and low cal + high in protein! Enough said.

6. Dark chocolate -

I’m  a sucker for chocolate and Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups satisfy my cravings, plus they’re organic (p.s - nutrition wise they’re the same as eating Reese’s Peanut butter cups, but I like the fact that all the ingredients are organic + it’s dark chocolate)

7. Crispy seaweed or Popcorn -

These are perfect as they are low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb and just something crispy to munch on without consuming lots of carbs or fats you would eat in a bag of potato chips.

8. Fresh fruits -

Pack your favorite fruit so you have something fresh to eat. I packed a banana!

9. Dried fruits -

I bought some delicious dried mango with chamoy at my local natural grocery store, Rainbow Acres, as it’s great for me to munch on + the chamoy gives it a spicy flavor that allows me not to exceed on  quantity and not eat the whole bag!

10. Tea -

Take a couple of different flavor teas with you (I loooove YogiTea) and simply ask for hot water on the plane. This will keep you warm, you’ll avoid drinking sugary drinks such as sodas + depending on the tea, it can help boost your immune system which is ALWAYS needed when traveling jam-packed on a flight with other people and germs. lol

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will FULLY enjoy my time in Miami and will eat d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s meals and drink yummy cocktails; I mean, if you’re Hispanic you know that MIA is paradise for me as it’s the closest I can get to eating authentic, delicious Venezuelan food, and I plan on eating LOADS of it! But because I know that when it comes to the majority of our plans and meals out I will be tempted to eat food I normally don’t have the chance to eat (again LOADS of empanadas, arepas, you name it!) lol I decided to be prepared with healthy snacks!

Hope y’all found this post helpful!

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Xoxo - Andreina