What To Pack To A Warm Destination?

Travel essentials for a beach vacation

Last week I went on a fun little getaway to warm MIAMI (insert song below!) + spring break is just around the corner; so, I thought I would share a quick guide when it comes to packing to a beach destination and start getting you excited about the warm weather that's slowly coming back to us!#summertime

LOL that's basically the ONLY song I wanted to play when I finally got to MIA... and, well now It happened :)

Anyways, whenever it comes to traveling, I’m always very precise to what makes it into my luggage. Depending on the destination, days I’ll be there and where I’ll be staying (this makes a huge impact as to I don't want to take all the space if my traveling with others) I choose carefully what to pack. So I decided to share with you my travel essentials for my trip to Miami (or any beach/warm destination, really!)

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those amazing solo-travelers that have a gazillion packing  hacks, but I do pack wisely and not just throw everything in my suitcase as I once used to.

So let’s begin:


  1. Identification - passport/visa/license (+ copies of all ids)

  2. Confirmation of Flights/tickets

  3. Electronic devices - laptop/cellphone/cameras/ chargers + more chargers

    1. I take a lot of my photos with my iphone, but when I travel I also like to take with  me:

      1. My Nikon camera

      2. Disposable cameras

      3. My Instax Mini

  4. Insurance - health insurance/travel insurance

  5. Cash - I don’t take a large amount, but it’s always good to have some in case of an emergency

  6. Voltage adaptors depending on where I”m going to



  1. Swimsuits - When packing for a beach destination the first thing I do is try to pack is as many swimsuits and different styles as possible; I  basically try to pack 1 for each day I’m going on my vacation (+ an extra one that may be good only worn after a tan or for photos

  2. Sun Protective Accessories  - Sunglasses, sunblock, tanning lotion, mosquito repellent, hats & moisturizer

  3. Beach towel/ Beach wrap

  4. Beach sandals/flip flops - I like buying beach towels as a souvenir!

  5. Beach extras - for a short trip like the one I’m doing to Miami, I didn’t pack any extras. But, usually I try to make sure to bring some beach toys such as beach paddle raquets and some GOOD READS.



My favorite part about traveling is picking out my outfits!! I think my most productive skills come to play in this area lol as I like to pack stylish, practical and comfortable outfits.

My Suggestions? For a 5-10 day trip I pack:

2 pairs of shorts/skirts

1 pair of jeans

2-3 dresses

4 pair of sandals

1 pair of nice shoes (boots/heels/platforms)

1 light jacket

Accessories for each outfit (earrings and rings)

Underwear + pajamas


Optional: Activewear

2-3 shorts

4 sports bras


1 pair of tennis shoes (tip: I usually travel with my workout clothes on as it’s less bulk in my suitcase + super comfy!)



Toothbrush + toothpaste

Travel size shampoo + conditioner +dry shampoo

Makeup + makeup remover

Feminine hygiene products


Medicine! (I ALWAYS make sure to have aspirin, tums and anything else to prevent ruining my vacation if I happen to have a sensitive stomach or headache)


There you have it! Next time you’re planning your vacation to a warm beach destination, take a look at these checklists and make sure you don’t forget anything.

What else do you guys always take with you? Should I add anything else?

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Xoxo - Andreina