WOW Air Review: Flying to Europe just got a lot Easier & Affordable.

Flying to Europe just got a lot easier & affordable!



You obviously know by now (with all the photo diaries and travel tips I’ve been sharing the past months or so) that I spent some time in Europe back in June. But, something I hadn’t shared with you guys was how I got there.

You see, my trip to Europe was a relatively last-minute decision as I found myself with some days off work in the month of June. Since it was not something I had already been planning for months, I was looking for ways to afford going to Europe without spending an insane amount of money, and I found the perfect and inexpensive way to go on my trip thanks to WOW Air!

Now, if you’re an avid and passionate traveler, you may have already experienced flying with WOW Air or at least know of this airline’s existence. But for others, you may think planning a trip to Europe is out of your reach because of high costs, and I’m here to share with you that the wave of affordable international flights has made its way to the U.S. courtesy of WOW Air.

I won’t lie to you- having travelled through some of the domestic low-cost airlines in the U.S such as Spirit, Frontier, and in Europe through Ryanair and Easyjet, I was a bit scared of purchasing my ticket and embarking in the long journey from L.A. to Paris through a low-fare airline (I mean, it’s one thing when you do it in the U.S or Europe since they’re typically very short flights, but a long-haul flight with a layover in Iceland - I was nervous!). However, I figured I would give it a try and save the difference in airlines costs (for my particular ticket from LAX to CDG I saved around $500 compared to major international airlines) a-n-d guys, it went amazing!

I had a great experience with WOW Air, but only because I knew what the low price entailed and fully prepared myself. WOW Air’s website does a great job of letting you know all of the things they do and don’t offer, and I do not believe they try to deceive their clients into thinking they’re getting more than is advertised. I mention this because I did notice a lot of people complaining once they boarded the flights about all the things they thought they flight offered. But once again, everything is crystal clear on WOW’s site and there shouldn’t be any surprises.


There are a few things you need to be aware of to feel fully comfortable on your long journey through the low-fare airline, but once you have these few things down, it’s so worth saving those extra $$$ to spend in your European destination or just to simply make going to Europe more attainable and affordable.

So, here’s the breakdown. WOW Air is a low-fare airline based in Iceland. What this usually translates to is removing all of the commodities major airlines offer to lower the prices of tickets, and you’ll most likely have a layover in Iceland if you’re traveling from the U.S.

Below you’ll find a general list of what’s included + not included on your flights and how to be prepared to make the most out of your ticket and experience.

  • WOW charges for seat selection and any luggage (including carry-ons)

    • TO BE PREPARED: Many reduced-cost airlines make their profit off of seats, luggage, and in-flight purchases. Just be aware that they charge for extras when comparing final price to other airlines. In my case, I was traveling solo so I did not pay for my seat, but I did have to pay for my carry-on round trip. This was an added cost of approx. $100 to my final price and still made my flight much more affordable than airlines with complimentary luggage options.

  • WOW does not provide any complimentary food or drinks on their flights (They do offer a small selection for purchase)

    • TO BE PREPARED:  Eat before you get on the flight, pack plenty of snacks, bring a water bottle and re-fill it once you pass security, or even buy your meal, snacks, and drinks before you board and bring them on the flight with you.

  • WOW does not provide any type of entertainment or wifi. (They do offer charging outlets at each seat)

    • TO BE PREPARED: Bring your entertainment. I made sure to download movies and shows from Netflix, brought my own set of headphones and enjoyed my flight by watching my selection of picks  + also had some books and magazines to read.

  • WOW Seats are very basic. (Meaning? They don’t recline much, but they do have generous leg room!)

    • TO BE PREPARED: Bring a comfortable travel pillow, comfortable clothes and dress in layers, and even bring your own travel blanket (they do not provide any) as it does get a bit chilly on board.

  • Most WOW international flights from the U.S. include a layover in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    • TO BE PREPARED: Plan your days at your destination accordingly or include a stopover free of charge! Basically, it took me a couple of more hours to make it to my end destination because of my layover in Iceland. But, if I hadn’t been meeting my sister in Paris, I would've taken advantage of their stopover offer which is basically getting to see Iceland + your end destination for the price of one ticket.


So, there you have it! For me, traveling is being able to visit new places, enjoy myself and treat myself without breaking the bank. I obviously still enjoy and appreciate all the commodities major international airlines offer, but depending on the occasion and how much money I can save, traveling through a low-fare airline might actually mean being able to go on a certain trip OR even spare me some extra days abroad thanks to the money saved.

Xoxo - Andreina