Yen Sisters X LazRfit X A Couple of Trainers Fitness Event

Yen Sisters X LazRfit X @ACoupleofTrainers Event

Recap of event + review of studio & workout

A week ago, I finally started back up again (after a couple of weeks of chilling and traveling) with my workouts and staying active AND what better way to jump back on the workout wagon than attending a co-ed event hosted by my friends the @yensisters, right?? YASS!!

First off, let me say that I very much enjoy this relatively new way of socializing for me which basically consists of meeting up with friends to work out and leading a healthy lifestyle together! so I should warn you guys that Guille and I started our Sunday morning taking a signature class at Box Union with some friends before heading over to the event! (We pushed through and doing back to back workouts was #killer!) - but this warning explains our sweatiness in the photos and overall appearance! Lol


The event was a collab of the Yen Sisters (Eve & Elisa) with the owners of LazRfit + Devin and Meagan from @acoupleoftrainers creating a fun dynamic 60mins workout for the day. Basically we all got divided into four groups- one group played laser tag while the other three groups completed the HIIT workout portion guided by @acoupleoftrainers.

Afterwards, there were some amazing post-workout treats thanks to their sponsors - Emmy’s Organics, Bare Snacks, Krave Jerky, Koia, Vive Organic, Unico Nutrition and Core, and we all got to try and take home some of those goodies! 


LazRfit is a relatively new studio in DTLA (I believe they first opened back in April) with a very  new and unique way of getting your sweat on. They took the awesome concept of laser tag (you may have played as a kid) and added some serious swag to turn it into a full cardio workout.

Basically, you’re still playing laser tag (only this time they made the range much more difficult and precise) and added some obstacles and challenges in order to keep you moving and your heart rate up. The laser tag portion consists of 12mins of running around and trying to obtain the most points by aiming and shooting the other players. If you get shot, then your gear turns red and you have to run around to re-activate and continue playing.

Overall, I thought it’s a fun and dynamic workout to try with friends and to switch things up. It got my heart rate up, and I had a good time while doing so.


The HIIT portion K-I-C-K-E-D my butt! Devin and Meagan divided us into different stations and had us do as many reps as possible of the four moves assigned at each station. I’m talking Abs, resistance band squats, burpees and the works.

I really enjoyed the varied workouts targeting the different areas of our bodies and both Meagan’s and Devin’s guidance, encouragement and thrive to push more. We carried through and ended up completing a sick and dynamic HIIT workout that was over before I even realized it! (Now, idk about y’all, but  that’s my type of workout! Getting shit done, target heart rate zone up + challenging EVERYTHING in a way that didn't make me suffer through. I actually enjoyed it!)

I know for sure I will soon be attending another workout guided by them, and you guys can find out about their events, one-on-one and couple training and field days by following them on IG and their page.

Xoxo- Andreina