Recap of event + review of Sanctuary Fitness DTLA


Hello everybody! I have maintained myself pretty busy this past month attending a variety of fitness events and classes! YAY! But unfortunately, this has meant not having the chance to catch up with writing about all of them immediately after and sharing them with you! (I promise I’m working on this!)

Anyways, attending these events and working out so much has been a completely new experience for me which I’m loving so much. (I mean only one year ago I started BBG as a quick workout fix - and now fitness has turned into my lifestyle!) Sooo, I like writing quick summaries of the events I attend to keep y’all informed on what I’m up to, what the events are about, which type of workouts we did and why I liked them! (In hopes of encouraging you to read about these workouts and then hopefully find a workout or new fitness studio you are interested in and getting out there to SWEAT IT OUT too!)

So, let’s start with the EVENT:

The Yen Sisters’ event (love you babes!) was hosted at the relatively new fitness studio, Sanctuary Fitness, in the DTLA Arts District and it was a very fun and heart pumping workout consisting of a hybrid combination of 25min of cycling & 25 mins of HIIT.

The event was at 11am and check-in was very quick, easy and simple and gave us plenty of time to chat around, meet some new workout buddies, and check out the studio before going into our sweaty workouts. We were then divided into two groups (half the group started with the HIIT session and the other half with cycling.)

I was in the group which started with cycling first and we pushed through a very fun class led by Brandon (@beyond_the_bike). I have to say I preferred it this way as I liked being able to warm up with some fun beats and then give it my all at the end during HIIT which was led by the lovely Sabrina (@IamSabrinaLive), who kicked our butts!!!

Afterwards, the event ended with a fun group photo, some giveaways and so many goodies for us to take home thanks to the Yen Sisters’ Sponsors: Unico, Justin’s, and  Purely Elizabeth. (P.S  I took home with me the Justin’s Maple Almond Butter which I’ve always been a huge fan of, the Purely Elizabeth’s Blueberry Hemp Ancient Grain Granola which was my first time trying and so incredibly delicious! Highly recommend! & finally a few samples of Unico’s Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Powder which I have still to try but will let you know my thoughts asap!)

NOW, quick review of the Studio:

I like Sanctuary Fitness! This was actually my second time there and I would recommend taking a class here if you’re looking for a studio in DTLA or just looking to switch up your weekly workout routines. The studio is located in the DTLA Arts District, which makes finding parking very easy (there’s P L E N T Y of street parking!) + the studio is very clean and has a very friendly staff. There’s lockers to stow away your belongings, showers and some open spaces to chill a bit before or after class, so no excuses there. 

Before the Yen Sisters’ event, I had visited the studio once for the full 50min HIIT class led by Steven (@Stevenofthehill) and I have to say it was fun, sweaty and I couldn’t wait to go back (hence, I signed up for the event the following week! lol) I have tried the HIIT class led by two different instructors so far + the hybrid class during the event and ALL were very fun workouts. I would love to go back and try just the cycling class and will let you know if I do!

Honestly, I would go a lot more often if It wasn’t for the horrible L.A. traffic (I live in Venice Beach!) However, I do think it’s a great excuse if you’re not from that part of town to go get your sweat on and then explore the Arts District (P.S BoomTown Brewery is literally next door, so you can definitely do a bit of #DetoxRetox! as a fun weekend activity)

Sanctuary offers Strength (HIIT), Cycling and Hybrid classes, so I think there’s a great variety for all tastes. It definitely has the feel of a “crossfit” type of studio but with the great addition of cycling!! if focused, dynamic classes are your thing, look no further.

However, if you're looking for a place where you can also do your own personal workouts, run on the treadmill or do BBG (besides their fun workout classes!) this might not the right place for you. So sign-up for one of their classes, give them a try and then decide. 

They’re located at 718 Jackson St. Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Have you ever been? What are your thoughts of the studio? Let me know if you try them out!

Xoxo- Andreina